My Experience

I have been teaching tertiary law since 2011. I have taught at Macquarie University, University of New South Wales, and Flinders University in a range of subjects such as Contracts, Remedies, Legal Research, Ethics and IP. I have also marked for these subjects, as well as Torts, Evidence and Civil Procedure/Litigation. I have a good general knowledge of many  UG and PG law subjects, but my specialty areas are Contracts and Remedies. I love the challenge of working with bright, budding lawyers.

In my own research, I focus on copyright law, interdisciplinary socio-legal methodologies (drawing predominantly upon cultural rights discourses, anthropology and history), and inquest law. Prior to working in the Law Faculty, I worked for an anthropologist as a research assistant, and between 2004-2012, I tutored upwards of 150 primary and secondary school students in subjects such as English, Mathematics, Legal Studies, History, and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Between 2006-2012 I also worked as a tutor in the Boarding Houses of leading private schools in Sydney such as The Kings School and Abbotsleigh School for Girls.

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