Social Intelligence and Law

A fascinating learning and teaching blog post hit my email the other day. In it, author Lara Hardy suggests that we are at the cusp of a new world – and that the graduate attributes that ensured success in the Information Age now no longer cut it […see all]

Strategies to Motivate Yourself to Study

You are sitting (ok slumping) at your desk, laptop open and papers and books surrounding you, giving the impression that you are hard at work but actually, when you try to research or write, your mind is either going blank or your eyes are glazing over when you try to concentrate on the screen (or both). You might be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, and are waiting [….. see more]

Conquering Class Participation!

I’m covering a month’s worth of tutes for a colleague of mine at the moment – and just quietly, it feels fantastic to be teaching this semester (babies are not necessarily a career killer!) – and as part of my prep I read the Subject Guide. To my surprise, I discovered that […..see all]

How Much is Your Face Worth?

Claudia Schiffer once had her face insured for $5 million. Actress America Ferrara’s smile is insured for double that, a cool $10 million. So if you’re a celebrity, it’s probably possible to accurately value the worth of your face in dollar terms. However, for the rest of us mere mortals who don’t need […..see all]

Confessions of a Law School Marker

Let’s be honest, I’ve worked really hard to be at the bottom of the law school food chain. I have sent hundreds of emails to different academics over the years, hoping, just hoping, that they have research funding and so can outsource their marking to someone like me – a permanent student in need of a hit of cash before semester break.[…..see all]

Achieving Success as a Law Student

There is no doubt that law students are bright, capable, hard-workers. However, the standard of the competition, compounded by overly general marking criteria and minimal feedback, means that breaking into the higher mark ranges for your subjects can be elusive. And – when you do manage to crack a Distinction or High Distinction, you are not always certain why […..see all]