Assignment Feedback

I offer an assignment feedback service. Feedback is tailored to your needs. For most students, this will involve structural advice, advice about how to add depth to analysis, advice about how to strengthen and clarify arguments. These are common areas of weakness.

Online feedback involves submitting drafts to me for feedback, which is then given via the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word or the Comments function in Acrobat. Subsequent drafts can then be sent for feedback if additional support is requested. Note that I do not give feedback on Issue ID or tell you if your answer is ‘correct’ – rather, I help you strengthen the answer that you have. This ensures strict compliance with the plagiarism rules around collusion.

Do not request me to do your assignment for you – I will refuse and give you a lecture on ethics.

In terms of timelines: I offer quick turnarounds on feedback. With prior notice that a piece of work is coming, I can usually provide feedback within the day. In addition, I can sometimes turn around a piece of work in this timeframe even in the absence of notice. Once you have nearly finished your draft, contact me and I can advise of my availability that week.

To get a feel for the types of comments I might make through Track Changes, please see the below samples of comments given through online feedback in 2013-2014:

Land Law Essay Comments

Contract Law Exam Preparation Comments

Trusts/Commercial Law Problem Question Comments

Property Law Case Note Comments

Constitutional Law Essay Comments

Administrative Law Letter of Advice Comments

Torts Problem Question Comments

To get a feel for how an essay can develop in response to feedback please click here: First Draft and Final Version. Both essay papers are copyright © Hayley Ericksen 2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.