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Paragraph sandwiches and all that jazz

Posted on 03/14/14 by Marie No Comments

Writing a sophisticated research essay involves putting together a sophisticated argument.  So what is it that takes your content to the next level? What is that hooks your reader? Tell your reader exactly where you are going to go and how you plan to get there   Your very first sentence should assault your reader’s […]

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The Things I Wish I’d Known about Law Essays When I was an Undergrad

Posted on 07/30/13 by Marie 1 Comment

I have been a student of the law for TEN WHOLE YEARS now. I write that in caps because not only am I a little bit surprised that the time has gone so fast (since when did I get so old?) but also because I am impressed by my permanent-student status. Avoiding full time employment […]

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5 Tips for Writing a Better Law Essay Introduction

Posted on 05/22/13 by Marie 2 Comments

After reading the first few sentences of a law essay, most markers will start to formulate an idea of the mark range. If they start with a Credit, Pass or Fail mark in mind, it becomes incredibly difficult for the paragraphs that follow to drag the paper back up into the higher mark brackets. It […]

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