‘Marie has a rare talent for teaching and her contagious enthusiasm is invaluable. As a third year law student at university, I am yet to come across a tutor that has matched Marie in her capacity to engage and inspire her students to learn. She is extremely intelligent and her extraordinary commitment to each week’s tutorial preparation did not go unrecognised. It is unfortunate the end had to come, I will continue to recommend Marie as a private tutor to my close friends and family’

–          Samantha J. (Contracts)


“Marie was one of the best tutors I have come across. She was experienced and intelligent and had the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to her students. The thing that set Marie apart from other tutors was not only her passion for law and justice but also her true and deep concern for her students and her desire for them to succeed. I would definitely recommend Marie as a tutor.”

–          Mahsa J. (Legal Research)


‘Marie tutored me in English, Maths and History for three years, and during that time I found her a fantastic teacher.  She is excellent at explaining the subject on the level of the student, and I wasn’t afraid to ask stupid questions! Marie was especially helpful when I was in year 12, when she pushed me to the best of my abilities and helped me organise my study.’

–          Sam G. (English, Extension English, Maths, Modern History, Ancient History, Extension History)